Connection Design/Steel Detailing

Steelssalg Consultants works jointly with detailing companies in order to offer complete package for shop drawings/erection diagram. 

Finite Element Analysis

Steelssalg Consultants provides specialized solutions to complex engineering problems in the areas of structural analysis, and applied mechanics. Services include detailed research studies and design/validation of engineering structures and components.

Building Design

Steelssalg Consultants and its partners offer consulting services for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional buildings and military infrastructures. Our line of design includes foundations, underground parking garages, and superstructure. Benefit from a one stop shop by taking advantage of structural, mechanical, electrical and civil disciplines under one roof.

Light Gauge Steel Framing

Our experts will assist you in the design of light gauge steel framing of mid‐rise buildings, student residences and care facilities. Steelssalg can provide design of light gauge infill walls and parapets for all type of residential commercial and industrial buildings

Retrofitting of Wharf Cranes and Conveyors

We offer consulting services for wharf cranes and lifting devices. We developed a state of the art expertise in the retrofitting and relocation of existing wharf cranes and their foundations.

Welding Inspections, Design of Weldments.

Our inspectors on staff will quickly assist our customers in their inspection needs. Steelssalg Consultants also offers consulting services for the design of weldments and certification of fabrication facilities.
joists and joist girders review and retrofit

Our joist experts will determine for you the most efficient way of modifying or strengthening existing steel joists and joist girders. Steelssalg Engineering also offers design review for code compliance of existing open web steel joists and joist girders.

Castellated and Cellular Beam Design

Our consulting services include the design review, and connection design of standard, composite or curved castellated or cellular beams.
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